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One of the BEST lessons I've learned over the years of being involved in show business is you have to allow performing artist to grow.

The essence of a performance should be genuine,fluid,fun and inspiring. I am STILL growing every time I'm working. My voiceover work unlocks the skills in my voice: different dialects, intonations,diction,enunciation,pronunciation,vocal ranges and voracity.My dancing skills varies. It is TOTALLY dependent upon with whom I'm working and training. I'm very selective about who I'm deciding to train. I MUST believe in the DESIRE of the artist!! You do NOT have to be PERFECT....You DO however have to be open to being CRITIQUED!!


Maureen Brown


Maureen Brown
#tbt I was a fitness model and was pursuing this field of work with success and passion!! I did print work for...
Maureen Brown
#maureen_vocalcoach Two AMAZING pianist, accompanist in my life!! Justin Ward Weber, congratulations on booking...

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