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I'm meeting with agents seeking representation for my career in theatre,film and television. It is so interesting to me how much MY priorities and needs have changed over the years. I've had several agents since moving to NYC. My "EGO" was so attached to what they "SAID" about me... what they thought about my talent, looks, physique,etc...

It was often challenging to my ego when I didn't get the 'PART" or if my agent did NOT submit me for a job I BELIEVED at that time was right for ME!! NOW, my confidence and know how makes me meeting and talking to agents SEAMLESS!! It is so POWERFUL to TELL agents WHO I AM. I explain to them what I WILL and WILL NOT SAY AND DO !! I DO VALUE and RESPECT their opinions and expertise, however, it NO LONGER sends me into an emotional tail spin when I do NOT hear what I KNOW to be true about ME!!


Maureen Brown


Maureen Brown
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Maureen Brown
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